Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Fire Pit #13 - Be a Pepper!

 The Fire Pit Podcast #13 - Be A Pepper is here! We find out an interesting story on why Huke's  Mother-in-Law CAN'T drink Dr Pepper... and whatever you are thinking the reason is, you're wrong!
We also ponder what exactly is the "Meat" in Jack in the Box Tacos. Huke says its more of a paste than a meat.
 We also calls his local Jack in the Box to see if he can buy a bag of the Mysterious substance... is it possible? The answer may, or may not surprise you....
Kevin throws down a Jack in the Box speed round...
 Huke also confesses to an addiction to one of Jack's menu items back in January. What was it that gave him "Lava"
We also have the worst impersonation of TNA's Willow you will EVER hear... don't know who did that...
Plus a super cool Chuck Ragan song to close the show..

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