Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Fire Pit #14 - This Is Not A Wrestling Podcast!

We are Not a wrestling podcast! Really! Kevin even resorts to burning himself if he slips up and mentions the "W" word.
We talk about some movies we want to watch for the Fire Pit Presents: Movie Night this summer
Cristi pops in and out as she is busy bee around the house as we get ready to record an episode of Cristi Hates Horror featuring 'The Conjuring' (Listen to it HERE!)
Somebody post a nasty hoax pic of a foot ruined by a broken energy saving light bulb
Kevin looks to Snopes for the truth
Huke tells of an epic Summer day in '96 dedicated to Metallica and Street Fighter II
We talk some video games and favorite video game music.
Kevin takes a trip to Adventure Island
all this and more!
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