Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Fire Pit #56 - Back Off Warchild Seriously

Huke becomes physically ill after watching the Point Break remake trailer.
Huke has finally reached a breaking point, no pun intended, and turned into a
grumpy 'Get off my lawn' man due to the Point Break remake
Captain Excitement joins the show 10 mins late.
JT has talked about the Poltergeist remake and liked it.
Huke and JT geek out about Battlefield Hardline for a minute.
JT is busy with baseball... even though the High School season has been over for weeks.
Grandma names. who is who?!?!
The meaning of Choate
Punk rock, grunnge rock, Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam
JT is nervous about his surgery on 5/28/15
Chick Magnet Punk

end song:
The Punk Rock Hillbilly - Dammit
After credits stinger: JT the Gremlin?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Fire Pit # 55 - The Woodpecker

Huke and Cristi take a Red Headed Woodpecker to a rescue after the tree it lived in fell across their driveway